Meet Dr. Craig

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    Dr. Craig Zalizniak

    My name is Craig Zalizniak. I grew up near Marshfield, Wisconsin and attended Marshfield High School. I received my undergraduate education from the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse where I received my Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I started my chiropractic journey the summer after graduation when I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I completed my education at Palmer College and graduated in February of 2022. I recently moved to Medford with my wife Courtney, and our daughter Elizabeth.

    I have been receiving chiropractic care my entire life and have been benefiting from this care since I was an infant. These benefits were reinforced during my high school football career when I took repeated helmet to helmet hits and had a concussion. I developed neck pain and headaches because of these injuries. Thankfully I was able to receive regular chiropractic care, specifically the upper cervical NUCCA technique, from Dr. Dale Strama. He adjusted the first vertebra at the top of my spine which removed the interference allowing my body to function at its full potential and heal itself. My symptoms completely resolved, and this allowed me to continue to play sports throughout high school.

    I utilize various chiropractic techniques including the Gonstead, diversified, Thompson, and activator techniques. Currently I’m learning the NUCCA technique under Dr. Dale Strama. Additionally, I interned under renowned extremity expert Dr. Mitch Mally for three years. During the time I studied and practiced under Dr. Mally, I developed a proficiency in treating extremity conditions and injuries.

    Aside from chiropractic, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, being involved in church, playing competitive volleyball, snowboarding, and various outdoor pursuits like hunting and fishing.

    My goal is to provide safe, effective, ethical chiropractic care for all ages. I have a passion for treating extremity and sport injuries, but I am excited to take care of all conditions and ailments of the body. I am thankful that God has blessed me with the ability to help heal patients and I look forward to serving Medford and the greater central Wisconsin area by providing exceptional chiropractic care. 


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